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20,000 AZN grant
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“UNEC Startup Cup” is a grant competition organized every year since 2023 to support local startups those have a MVP and some traction. The winning startup will receive a 20,000 AZN grant.


Providing financial support to startups operating in the market and making an effort to form a competitive factor in the innovation ecosystem of the country.

Startups that meet all the conditions mentioned below can apply

1. Minimum MVP and traction;
2. At least one of the co-founders must be a UNEC student or graduate, and at the same time own minimum of 10% shares in the team;
3. The total investment obtained by the period of application must not exceed the amount of AZN 50,000 or more;

Yes, but in one condition that at least one of the co-founders of your startup must be a UNEC student and graduate having minimum 10% shares

One UNEC graduate or student co-founder is required

You can prepare the MVP and apply by the deadline for applications (April 28)

The amount given is for grant purpose and therefore no equity is required

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