BootSTART Program

We need fast cooked ideas!
It is a 6-week intensive startup training program (camp). The goal is here
to instill the essence of startup as the thinking of students and graduates and initial knowledge and
skills (Team building, ideation, market and competitor research, presentation).

About Program

Who can apply

UNEC students and graduates with ideas or skills(One UNEC graduate is enough for the team).


To bring from the idea stage to the proof of concept (Prototype and MVP) stage

Final Result

The top 5 teams have the pre-seed investment (2-5 thousand AZN), hosting and incubation residency (office) for 6 months.


1. At least one of the co-founders has to be a UNECer, and obtain at least 10% share in the startup;

2. At least one of the co-founders must have intermediate English skills.

Program Process

Program Trainers

Saul Orbach

Rebecca Sternberg

Nir Zavaro

Deborah Battat

Camal Alışov

Program Mentors

Orxan Rzayev

George Jebirashvili

Caleb Rubinson

Takayuki Doi

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